I believe character is rooted in DNA, so like my ancestors I have spent my life on the road, a nomad, adventurer and collector. I am also a designer.  I began my training with studies in architecture and industrial design at the University of Miami, while still in high school.  Architecture took me to Los Angeles and a degree in art history led me to Sevilla in southern Spain.  I made it to NYC via FIT where my passion for fashion led to a masters from Polimoda in  Florence.

A Central American upbringing immersed in in native materials and artisanal craft, nurtured a deep-rooted belief in innovation through tradition.  This paired with my studies and a globetrotting wisdom, led me to create goods that marry function and attractive design.  The Nomadic Collector was born to bring together this sense of purpose and nature into a sustainable travel and lifestyle luxury brand.

Nomadic Collector_Stefani De La O.png

Stefani De La O

Founder & Creative Director